1) AGREEMENT - This agreement between SPOKE+BLOSSOM LLC (hereafter “S+B”) and Contract Photographer (hereafter “Photographer”) regarding photographs to be taken by Photographer in the scope of assignment(s) executed by the Photographer for S+B, supersedes all previous agreements and constitutes the entire agreement between the parties concerning those assignments.

2) FEES: S+B will pay Photographer a set fee for the assignment as indicated by the photographer’s editor via emailed “Photography Assignment."

3) GRANT OF RIGHTS: Photographer hereby grants to S+B the following rights in and to each photograph, with all other rights being retained by Photographer: (a) The exclusive worldwide first right to publish the photograph(s) either in the form as provided by Photographer or as otherwise altered at S+B's discretion. (b) The right to publish and distribute the photograph(s), as well as Photographer’s name, likeness and biographical information in print and electronically in issues of S+B.

4) PROMOTIONAL USE: Without additional fee, S+B may use the photograph(s) to advertise or promote the Publication in print and online. In such instances, S+B assumes the responsibility to obtain the permission of any subjects in the photograph(s).

5) THIRD PARTY USE: S+B may authorize use of photograph(s) in the context of the Publication to a like-minded third party to cross-promote the magazine, and expand its audience. Credit will be given to the Photographer whenever possible. 

6) REPRINT USE: If S+B wishes to sell, distribute, or give permission to sell or distribute article reprints at any time, for any purpose, to anyone, S+B shall seek permission from the Photographer in advance and pay an additional fee to be agreed upon.

7) FOREIGN LANGUAGE & FOREIGN EDITION USE: If S+B wishes to use any of the Photographer’s photographs in a foreign language edition of the Publication or in an English language edition outside of the United States, Publisher shall seek prior permission from Photographer and pay an additional fee to be agreed upon.


Cat Mayer, Publisher, SPOKE+BLOSSOM

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