S+B Contributor Agreement



All assignments must be shot on a recent generation professional grade digital camera, 20+ megapixels. Camera system/brand is unimportant.


Showing the person, product, action, space, work, or event is the bulk of the assignment. We are looking for creative, dynamic shots that utilize white space, rule of thirds, and plenty of leading lines. We value variety—closeups and overall scene shots are equally important. Assignments should be approached as photo essays. 

When appropriate, include adequate space around subject to allow for bleed, text overlay, or cropping in layout. Please include variety in your compositions, and include both horizontal and vertical orientations as well as tight and wide shots. Images may be cropped to suit the magazine’s format and layout needs.


Environmental portraits should include options with subject in center, to left and right of both horizontal/landscape and vertical compositions. This allows for text overlay and/or cropping in final layout, and keeps subject from falling in the center gutter of the magazine. 


Natural light is preferred. Please shoot portraits using natural daylight whenever possible. Please turn off overhead tungsten and florescent lights, and rely on windows, doorways and outdoor spaces as main light sources. If competing or artificial light sources cannot be avoided, please utilize your own off-camera light as the main light source, and gel your light as needed to match surrounding color temperature.

Image File Types for Paid Assignments: Please submit minimally processed FULL-SIZE Jpeg files at 300ppi, OR camera raw, high-resolution image files (the camera-generated RAW, NEF, ARW format). Images should be adjusted for white balance, contrast and brightness only. Images with unrealistic toning, Photoshop actions or other color-altering effects cannot be used. S+B color balances and minimally edits all image files to be consistent with the magazine’s color print profile. As standard industry practice, this creates a cohesive and consistent look throughout the magazine. 

Image File Types for Existing Portfolio Work or Drum-Scanned Film Images: Please submit minimally processed, full-resolution TIF or JPG image files sized 300ppi. Images must print clearly as a two-page, 11’x17” spread.


Please name files with the following format: Story_PhotographerLastName_FileNumber / Example: PalisadePlunge_JaneSmith_01.jpg 


Submit 10-50 images per story unless otherwise specified. The more options we have for layout, the better. Please send images using the following web-based, free method:

WeTransfer.com - Compress the images into a single folder and send to: photos@spokeandblossom.com


Contributor will invoice S+B with agreed-to amount upon delivery of assignment. Please send invoice and completed W-9 to S+B’s accountant at billing@spokeandblossom. Payment will be made 30 days after issue. For any payment questions, please contact billing@spokeandblossom.


We encourage all contributors to share images on social media accounts after issue publication. In turn, S+B reserves the right to use photographs for its print issue, website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and cross-promotions that publicize the magazine. Contributors will be credited for images that appear online whenever possible.