S+B Publisher Robin Brown / Photo: Cat Mayer

S+B Publisher Robin Brown / Photo: Cat Mayer

This is the story of western Colorado. It’s a fantastic story full of fiercely independent innovators and entrepreneurs who live in a rugged and beautiful land where the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers come together. Water is our lifeblood. Public lands are our backyards. The natural resources both above and below ground are what pay so many of our bills. The sacrifices we make to live here aren’t really sacrifices to most of us. 

Unfortunately, the story being told about us is one of desperation and crime and recession. It’s a narrative that, until now, has been controlled by outsiders and it’s about a community that I don’t recognize. I would argue that our story is really about collaboration, ingenuity, and good old western independence. It’s about what we can produce in our small oasis in the desert- agriculture and energy and food systems and art and- most importantly- it’s about the people who have built a place where the quality of life is unmatched by any other place in our incredible state. 

This is the real story of western Colorado- the Colorado you were promised. 

Robin Brown

Chief Storyteller