Book + Wine Pairing: Winelands of Colorado


Colorado wines are making their mark and we finally have a coffee-table book to prove it! Written by Marc Hoberman and Christina Holbrook, Winelands of Colorado is the story of Colorado wine and the people who built the industry. In fact, Hoberman, who knew nothing about Colorado wine when he began the book, was so hooked by what he deemed the “most interesting wine country he’s ever come across”, that he’s chosen to split his time between his home town of Cape Town, South Africa and Colorado’s Grand Valley. Winelands of Colorado is a beautiful book featuring over 100 wineries throughout the state along with the chefs, winemakers, farmers and enthusiasts that continue to defy expectations. And, because we Coloradoans never let anything get too stuffy, we thoroughly enjoyed the forward, written by the state’s biggest beer enthusiast- Governor John Hickenlooper. Purchase yours today at Out West Books in Grand Junction. $40



This is a robust book, full of stunning photography and complex stories and not just any wine will pair well while reading. Colorado wine country might be New World, but we recommend pairing it with Old. The Falconer Reserve Blend by Talon Vineyards is a premium blend of Old World “black” grapes from Italy, Portugal, and the Pyrenees of Southern France. Deep and darkin color, aromas of wood smoke and dried plum give way to intense, rich flavors making it the perfect accompaniment to that deep chair, crackling fireplace and Winelands of Colorado on your lap. The Falconer is available in limited quantities at Fisher’s Liquor Barn and other liquor stores for $65.

PalisadeS+B StaffDrink