Style: What your brim says about you

The brim of a hat. It’s an issue as old as the American West. We’ve been bending brims since before the dawn of the country. Bowler hats with their short and curly; fedoras bent up on the side or the down in the front, and then of course, there are the cowboys. Cowboys took it to a whole new level as cowboys tend to do. Hats used to be a statement about who you are. Assessing the hat situation of today I’d have to say…not much has changed.

Since most hats today are ball caps, we’re going to stereotype, judge and pick apart the hat as it is worn today in a completely satirical narrative we will call ‘It’s a Brim Situation’.


Brim Description #1:

The BCB. (Bent, Curved and Beaten)

The BCB sports a thin brim, usually faded from the sun, bent into a curve so severe, you often can’t see the BCB’s eyes. This brim is most commonly found on fellas who have an affinity for hunting, fishing, beer you can see through, tobacco, and unkept facial hair. The BCB is an open invitation to discuss NASCAR. The BCB’s strength is helping with a hands-on project but one should probably avoid asking the BCB for relationship advice.



Brim Description #2:

The LFB. (Low Flat Brim)

The LFB is usually a wool New Era hat referred to as a “lid”. The logo will stand out and the hat will always be clean. The LFB sports a brim as flat as the day it was purchased.  LFB’s have an affinity for sports, although they are usually snowsports, moto-sports or any activity that puts the collarbone at risk. They have a large selection of music only familiar to other LFB’s and they often drink PBR and Fireball. Prone to spontaneous decisions and travel, the LFB is always good to have in a bad situation. Their laid back attitude comes in handy when things go awry.  



Brim Description #3:

The HFB. (High Flat Brim)

Similar to the LFB, the HFB sports a flat brim that is typically tilted to the side and pointed high in the air often only hanging onto a corner of the head. The brim will show more signs of dirt as the hat is removed and adjusted 10 to 12 times per conversation.  The HFB often works at restaurants and ski resorts between band gigs and social engagements every night of the week. Under the HFB is almost always a smile and a laugh and important knowledge of local gossip. They travel in packs and are known to extend a hug at the drop of a hat (pun unintended).



Brim Description #4:

The SBB. (Slight Brim Bend)

The SBB is often made of mesh (trucker hat) with a brim that is slightly bent or curved and faces forward. Hats are often from Patagonia, a favorite brewery or a powerful statement of localism such as “Hot Tomato” or ‘Insert local Bike Shop Here”. SBBs are often outdoor enthusiasts who bike, hike, or paddle during the day and usually end up at a local brewery post-activity. They travel in pairs when not working their day jobs, gain most of their knowledge from laptops and can tell you what CSA stands for. SBBs mainly keep to themselves although they do love to throw a good theme party a few times a year.