Tips for Arranging a Gallery Wall

Design by  Emily Henderson , photo by  Zeke Rueles

Design by Emily Henderson, photo by Zeke Rueles

  1. Choose varied art.

    This can include photographs, paintings, prints, flea market finds, and even children’s artwork or handwritten notes. Meaningful pieces add character. Those in coordinating colors bring cohesion.

  2. Use the same color mat for all matted pieces.

    Not all pieces need to be matted. Some can be framed without mats or glass, and some pieces may be frameless.

  3. Frames shouldn’t all match, but limit them to 2-3 colors.

    Minimize contrast by mixing black and dark wood frames, or white frames and light wood frames. Add a metallic frame or two for shine. Spray painting old frames is an affordable way to get this look.

  4. Use one large piece as the focal point.

    This anchoring piece should hang just above and off-center from any furniture below it. Arrange the smaller pieces around it, varying them in size and orientation. Be sure to leave 3-5 inches between the frames to ensure the arrangement looks cohesive. Try to incorporate a square or two as well. Note: It helps to lay your arrangement on a floor before hanging it on the wall.

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