Book+Blend: Knitting in Antarctica + Willow Creek Teas

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The Book: Knitting in Antarctica

OK. I’m just putting this out there. I’m not a knitter (except for that unfortunate 4-H potholder experience in fifth grade), yet I was completely captivated by Lynn Hamann and Christine Powell’s book, Knitting in Antarctica. This is not your run-of-the-mill knitting pattern book.

Why knit in Antarctica? For starters, there is a long history of knitwear there. From the very first expeditions to the present day, it’s just the hatwear of choice “on the ice.” Other compelling reasons to pick up a pair of needles include loooong winter nights with not much to do; extreme cold; and a “skua” pile (named for a native scavenger bird) of worn sweaters in need of unraveling, left
behind by last season’s crew.

Born from McMurdo Station’s “Stitch and Bitch” group, many of Hamann and Powell’s patterns are inspired by the incredible beauty of the region. Think fields of snow and ice, nacreous clouds, and the southern cross. It’s said you can recognize an Antarctic hat by its design, and each of the book’s designs has an intriguing story of life on the ice — including endless nights filled with the southern lights, camaraderie in unexpected places, and randy penguins. 

Now I want to go there. Well, maybe not for an entire winter, but it’s still crazy that a knitting book could inspire that.

Available at Out West Books, 533 Main Street, Grand Junction.

— Marya Johnston, Owner of Out West Books

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The Blends: Warming Crimson Berry + Holy Ginger Teas

As you curl up to find ideas and inspiration for winter knitting, what better companion than a steaming Red Hawk Pottery mug full of heat and flavor? Warming Crimson Berry Tea — a blend of spicy, sweet, fruity, and tart notes — is a beautiful scarlet color when brewed. Its combination of organic rosehips, hibiscus, cranberries, cayenne, and chili powder will heat you up as your imagination takes you through the chilly Antarctic. There is no caffeine in this blend, so if you enjoy late-night reading you can still sleep like a baby. 

Another perfect blend to keep those knitting hands warm would be Holy Ginger Tea, a spicy combo of organic ginger and galangal softened with hints of lemongrass and safflower petals. Both blends, plus a selection of handmade mugs to savor them in, can be found at Willow Creek, 411 Main Street, Grand Junction.

— Debora Beck, Owner of Willow Creek Herbs and Teas

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