Winter Whites + Gorgeous Greens

Country Elegance Winter Floral Design
All photos:  Cat Mayer

All photos: Cat Mayer

The Design

Becca Martinez of Country Elegance Florists:

"The inspiration for this piece was greenery. It was exciting to explore the mixing of many types of greens and natural elements that don’t always get paired together.

The juniper is a must in the winter months. We placed a base of sheet moss that you can see subtly peeping through the cracks.

We love incorporating succulents into our floral arrangements — especially in weddings and special events — because they’re pieces that continue living and are a beautiful reminder of your special day.

Kiwi vine adds a different texture and has a very natural feel that we love.

Winter colors are often more subtle, and so a mix of whites, greenery, moss, vines, and succulents — with a little sparkle from the container and the gold safari sunset — was really fun to design."

The Recipe

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