Know Your Ballot

S+B Guide to Voting

We’ve gathered some information to better inform voters in an effort to get out the vote! Because we went to print prior to ballot language being finalized, additional information on these measures are on our website at

Mill Levy – Goes towards operations

$3.2 million for five additional school days. D51 kids go to school 162 days each year. The average is 180 days, meaning that over the course of K-12, D51 kids go to school a full year less than the average student. $2 million for curriculum materials such as books and digital. Current books used in District 51 were printed in 1990’s. $300,000 for IT support to manage the additional technology that will be purchased if the bond is successful. $1 million for ongoing school repairs and overdue maintenance.

Bond – Goes towards capital

$40 million to replace Orchard Mesa Middle School, which is unsafe and falling down. $55 million for priority one maintenance and repairs on schools. The average age of District 51 infrastructure is 44 years. $11 million for technology in the classroom. Currently there is one computer device for every 3.2 students. This will bring the ratio to one device for every 2 students. $2.5 million for security in schools such as smoke alarms and keyless entry. $5 million for a gym at Dual Immersion Academy- the only school in D51 without a gym. $5 million for an auxiliary gym at Palisade High school- the only high school without a second gym, forcing athletic teams to schedule practices starting at 6am and going late into the night. 

    If both of these pass, property taxes will increase by roughly $5 per month for every $100,000 of your home’s value if both pass.

Public Safety Sales Tax Increase

Raising the sales tax by 0.37 cents on the dollar is expected to generate $7.2 million annually that will go primarily towards the Mesa County Sheriff’s and District Attorney’s office, in addition to14 other agencies in order to fight crime.