Our Favorite Instagram Pages

Taproot Catering

Taproot Catering @meredithnewell_taproot

Healthful, helpful, gorgeous, delicious… Personal chef Meredith Newell partners with area farmers to include whole, organic, and valley-grown ingredients in the mouthwatering meals she crafts for dinner parties, special events, and busy individuals alike.

MRP Mountain Racing Products

MRP (Mountain Racing Products) @mrpbike

This is the place to geek out on the inner workings of bikes and the outdoor adventures of bikers. A local maker of high-end bike components, MRP is laser-focused on quality and customer service — and, clearly, they’re having fun along the way.

Monumental Events

Monumental Events @monumentalevents

We follow this page to stay in the know about what’s going down and who’s coming to town. Monumental Events will get you through the door to musical acts, sporting events, movies at the Avalon, and even a circus (coming this June to the fairgrounds).

Footbeat Sport.jpg

Footbeat Sport @footbeatsport

This local company’s shoes deliver a light pulse of pressure to the foot, improving lower-body circulation. The result is faster exercise recovery and relief from pain and swelling. Footbeat’s Insta posts deliver an invigorating dose of information and inspiration for everyday success and good health.

Dinosaur Journey and Museums of Western Colorado

Museums of Western Colorado @museumsofwesterncolorado

With three major museums, a research library, and several paleontology sites, there’s always something fun to follow at MWC. We are especially excited about the fancy-featured dinos on display at the Horns and Frills exhibit coming to Dinosaur Journey in May.

Copeka Coffee

Copeka Coffee @copeka_coffee

This new kid on the block is quickly becoming popular for its good food (including vegan and GF options), great coffee, and endless chances to gather — like improv, game, poetry, and music-themed nights of all kinds. The whimsical wall of retro needlework is itself worth a visit.