Spring Gratitude

Cat Mayer Print.jpg

The warmer months are beloved here in Western Colorado. We embrace the change of seasons, hitting the trails on our bikes with the same fervor we had when making first tracks at Powderhorn back in December. Bright blooms flash their colors throughout the Grand Valley, and orchard blossoms perfume our dinners al fresco. Warmer weather offers a fresh reminder of all the reasons we live here.

We have wonderful stories in the spring 2019 issue #7 featuring CBD, or cannabidiol. Grown on the Western Slope and made from hemp, CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and healing benefits. It does not contain any of the psychoactive properties of THC, the chemical found in hemp’s sister plant, marijuana. This issue shares new ways to incorporate CBD into your diet, like visiting Pressed, Palisade’s new family-friendly coffeehouse with CBD options on the menu. 

SPOKE+BLOSSOM magazine began its roots in the Grand Valley, and has grown to include the many stories of people and places throughout western Colorado. It’s with great pleasure that I welcome new S+B owners/publishers Kim Fuller and Bobby L’Heureux to pick up where I’m leaving off after this spring issue. True to S+B’s continued vision and excitement for all things western Colorado, they will continue this publication that belongs to us all.

This issue finds all of us at S+B feeling grateful for another chance to feature stories about the people and places that enrich our western Colorado community. Thank you for continuing to share your lives with all of us.