CSA + U-Pick Farms: As Fresh As It Gets

When you slice a vine-ripened tomato, crack a fresh egg, or bite into a juicy peach, don’t you love knowing who and where it came from? We are lucky to live in a rich agricultural region that offers many ways to get fruits, vegetables, and herbs straight from local farms to our tables. Here are two popular options: CSAs and U-Pick Farms.

Field to Fork_Kaylan Robinson
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Field to Fork_Kaylan Robinson

Community Supported Agriculture in the Grand Valley

In this model, members pay growers at the beginning of the growing season to help cushion the costs and risks of farming. Once harvesting begins, members receive a share of the bounty – be it produce, meats, eggs, or even flowers – usually every week or every other week.  

Each CSA has its own unique structure and offerings. The information below can help you decide which option is best for you. Don’t wait too long to sign up! Enrollment in most CSAs takes place in early spring, and many fill up quickly.


U-Pick Farms

For those who want an outing with their eating, U-pick farms let you get in the fields and spend time with the farmers. The list here is just a start — there are U-picks all over the Western Slope. Most locals have a favorite, so just ask your friends and neighbors for options near you. (Note: We always recommend calling first, as hours and availability can vary.)

Field to Fork_Kaylan Robinson.jpg