Wine in a Can

Any good Coloradoan knows that canned beer is the best choice to carry along on outdoor adventures. After all, nobody wants to lug heavy, breakable bottles into the backcountry. And because so many microbreweries put their beer in a can, we have no shortage of great options to take along with us- whether it’s your favorite easy drinking lager or a hopped up IPA. Theresa High, owner of Colterris Vineyards, thinks those special moments in the outdoors shouldn’t be limited to beer drinking only. The largest estate winery in Colorado recently added a canning machine to their operations making canned wine the obvious backcountry (or poolside choice) for wine drinkers everywhere. And it’s good! This isn’t a stuffy, special occasion wine meant to be saved. It’s a wine meant for drinking around a campfire right now!  Available in red, white, and rose, Canterris from Colterris is the CANvenient choice for Colorado adventures.


PalisadeS+B StaffDrink