Local Products That Will Improve Your Hunt

1- Loki's All-In-One Tech Hoodie Hiking, stalking, and glassing for hours- it’s certainly challenging to stay warm in all conditions.  This hoodie, and all Loki coats, have an integrated face shield, and integrated mittens to solve the problem.  Loki will soon feature camo patterns on their outerwear.

2- Vortex Fury Less is better. Consider a dual purpose bino and rangefinder such as the Vortex Fury.  Vortex optics available at local retailers such as Jerry’s Outdoor Sports.

3- Ute Backpack by Hill People Gear A do-it-all pack that adapts from small daypack to multi-day load hauler.  A huge benefit for long hikes, the Ute can carry a rifle or bow on the pack.  It's a West Slope original in name and design, and $5 of the proceeds from every Ute pack sold goes to the Ute Tribal Scholarship Fund

2- Cimarron Tent by Seek Outside A tipi-style pyramid shelter that pitches quickly, and provides room for 2 to 4 people.   Smart design for weather in all seasons, but consider adding a Seek Outside titanium stove for snowy and wet conditions in late seasons.  Look at their articulating external frame packs and other locally manufactured performance backcountry gear.  Seek Outside- A local business dedicated to protecting our public lands, and making gear to help you enjoy them.


Good knives, calls, and gear make a big difference.  To complete a successful hunt, field dressing and processing game needs to be fast and safe.  Get help from razor sharp replaceable blade knives from Outdoor Edge, and prevent unwanted punctures of game (or self) with the Gerber E-Z Open. Bugling like a big bull elk gets a lot of attention, but subtle use of cow calls may be better in our pressured public elk areas.  A pinch-reed style cow call like this one from Carlton’s is easy to learn and effective. Keep your critical gear handy with a Hill People Gear Kit Bag.

Tips for a successful hunt

1. Invest in good gear the first time-“buy once cry once,” as they say.

2. Find a community and a hunting buddy if you can-such as local Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.

3. For elk hunting, Colorado is King, with the largest elk herds in the world.  That means we have lots of company hunting them, and elk have learned.  Call less and sneak around more.

4. If you are newer to the sport, spend plenty of time researching how to field dress a big game animal.  Explore the “gutless method,” and talk to local game processors before you go to get details and advice.

5. Practice, practice, practice with your weapon.  Range shooting is easy.  Field shooting is hard.

6. Wind: learn how it changes throughout the day in the mountains, and that smelling you is an elk or deer’s #1 defense. Use a wind checker powder and stalk with the wind in your face.

7. With so much interest in a locavore and organic food lifestyle, be excited and proud to participate in the sport.  Support our public lands and vote with your knife & fork!

8. Colorado is incredible.  Hunting in Colorado is an incredible experience-get out there! 

Learn to Hunt

Whether you are on your way to your first hunt, or another hunt as part of a lifetime pursuit, time outdoors is priceless.  If it’s your first hunt, the process seems intimidating.  You’ll need to research the hunter safety training requirement, getting a tag, gear, the actual hunt, and have a plan for taking care of your hard earned meat after a successful hunt.

Valuable research and FAQs can be found on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website-Big Game Resources.  Our Western Slope newspapers publish a great magazine ‘Colorado Hunter’ that is full of good information for all levels off hunters. Everything from stories to lists of good outfitters is provided in the free publication.  Consider membership in local and National conservations organizations such as Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, as well as focused publications such as Eastman’s Hunting Journal and Western Hunter Magazine.


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Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

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