Have Bar, It Travels

Rolling into its second summer in business, The Tipsy Trailer brings drinks, mixers, garnishes, drinkware, and expert bartending services to any event you can imagine. With the ever-increasing popularity of social media posts featuring creative drink recipes and ideas for serving them, The Tipsy Trailer takes the DIY out of everything but sipping, posing, and posting for you.

    Far superior to any old black-tablecloth beverage service, The Tipsy Trailer team takes the time to get to know their clients, learn all about their vision for the event, and customize a drink menu to suit the theme and budget.

    The business serves the Grand Junction area and encourages clients to utilize local wine, beer, and spirits. Their inventive and experienced bartenders incorporate other local flavors into their recipes whenever possible. Non-alchoholic drinks are also part of their repertoire.

    Their adorable trailer-turned-mobile-bar adds style and a vintage vibe to your event’s aesthetic. If your venue is not well suited for the trailer, the staff will design and deliver a perfect popup-bar station. Either way, from start to finish they deliver a picturesque presentation worth posting on Pinterest. tipsytrailerbar.com